YouWave Android Emulator Review – Youwave Vs Bluestacks

Due to the global pandemic, We all have to stay home. Staying home is ok to some extent, but all the time? boredom strikes for sure while staying home.

I was fed up with my phone, I wanted a change.

I have a 6 years old desktop computer. To get rid of boredom and do something new and exciting. I decided to turn my PC into an Android device to play Android games on a big screen.

I googled for a good and free Android Emulator that works on my low-end PC.

From the list of plenty of available Android Emulators, I chose YouWave Android Emulator for this purpose.

It was disappointing to find out that YouWave Android Emulator is of no use.

I uninstalled YouWave Android Emulator and switched to Bluestacks App Player. Doubtlessly Bluestacks App Player is one of the best Android Emulators which is regularly updated.

I thought to share with you how useless YouWave Android Emulator is? In today’s article, I will be sharing What I found good in Bluestacks App Player.

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Is YouWave Android Emulator Free?

Youwave Android Emulator can be used for free like Bluestacks App Player. But using Bluestacks App Player is a way much better option.

YouWave Android Emulator is offered in free and paid versions. The free version lets you emulate Android 4.0.4 Ice Cream Sandwich on your PC. Android 4.0.4 Ice Cream Sandwich was released in 2012.

There is a ridiculously funny fact about the premium version of YouWave Android Player.

The paid version of the YouWave Android Emulator features Android Lollipop version 5. The Android version 5 also known as Android Lollipop was released in November 2014.

How Do I Install YouWave Or Bluestacks On Windows 11, Windows 10?

Both YouWave Android Emulator and Bluestacks App Player are easy to download, install, and set up.

A very important thing, Uninstall Oracle VirtualBox before YouWave Or Bluestacks installation. You may experience performance issues.

Is YouWave Android Emulator Better Than Bluestacks App Player?

Although I don’t like plenty of things about Bluestacks App Player, But It’s fact that Bluestacks App Player is one hundred thousand times better than YouWave Android Emulator.

People behind Bluestacks App Player have been keeping on improving Bluestacks since its first version.

Bluestacks App Player lets you emulate the most recent or latest version of the Android operating system on your PC.

Bluestacks App Player is truly an up-to-date Android Emulator to play Android games and use Android apps on desktop or laptop PC.

Bluestacks App Player is regularly updated. They fix bugs, errors and add new features every month.

YouWave Android Emulator has not been updated since 2017. YouWave does not meet the requirements of modern times.

Is YouWave Android Emulator Safe?

This is a proven fact by cybersecurity experts that you can easily fall prey to hackers and other cybercriminals If you don’t update your copy of Windows, web browser, or third-party software you use.

YouWave Android Emulator is not safe to use at all. There have been no updates to Youwave Android Emulator in the last 4 years.

Your email accounts, banking details, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Whatsapp, and other social media accounts could easily be hacked If you use a web browser in YouWave Android Emulator.

Bluestacks App Player is safe to use software to play Android games and use Android apps on a PC. Bluestacks App Player is regularly updated.

Can I Use Whatsapp In YouWave Android Emulator?

Whatsapp cannot be used in YouWave Android Emulator. Whatsapp does not support Android Lollipop and Android Ice Cream Sandwich.

You cannot even use any older versions of Whatsapp. After installation, Whatsapp will stop working.

Bluestacks App Player is best at using Whatsapp on a PC.

Can I Play PUBG In YouWave Android Emulator Or Bluestacks App Player?

You cannot even play Subway Surfer, Temple Run, and other small games on YouWave Android Emulator.

As far as PUBG is concerned, From YouWave Android Emulator, You will not find PUBG listed on Google Play Store.

Bluestacks App Player is quite famous among Android gamers and Bluestacks App Player really deserves this popularity.

YouWave Android Emulator System Requirements

YouWave Android Emulator requires 1.5GB of RAM and this is the reason, As compared to a sort of high-end Bluestacks system requirements, the required system requirements page of YouWave Android Emulator seems quite attractive to folks having low-end computers.

After testing Bluestacks App Player, I came to the conclusion that Bluestacks App Player worth high-end system requirements.

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Your Turn

Do share with me in the comment section, What is your favorite thing in Bluestacks App Player as well as What does this free Android Emulator lack?

You may contact me or my team via the comment box for any help or questions.

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