How To Bring Back Old File Explorer In Windows 11? Use Windows 10 File Explorer In Windows 11

Are you badly used to Windows 10? Are you not happy with Windows 11 file explorer? If so, Believe me, You are at the right place.

Keep reading this article. I will show you How you can bring back the old file explorer in Windows 11?

Whenever Microsoft releases a new and improved version of Windows, Some Windows users find it difficult to get used to the new feel and look of a new version of the Windows operating system.

The same is the case with Windows 11. Some Windows 11 users are not pleased with the new Windows 11 look and they still prefer the old Windows 10 file explorer look and feel.

The good news is, If you are one of them and want to change it back, It is possible to go back to the old Windows 10 file explorer look and feel.

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I am going to show you How to disable the ribbon up the top here on file explorer.

Two Methods

It can be accomplished in two ways. If you find yourself good at editing Windows Registry, You can bring back the old Windows 10 file explorer without any third-party software.

You will have to use a third-party tiny software named Winaero Tweaker If you don’t want to dig into the Registry Editor.

Let’s get started with the Registry Editor method.

How To Make The Backup Of The Registry?

Before making changes in the registry, Make a backup of the registry. The backup copy will help you go back in case anything goes wrong.

To make a backup, Open the Registry Editor and go to the File menu and click Export.

Give it a name and select the location to which you want to save the backup copy of the Registry and then click Save.

How To Bring Back Old File Explorer In Windows 11? Use Windows 10 File Explorer In Windows 11

How To Use The Registry Editor To Bring Back Old File Explorer In Windows 11?

Using software makes it easier, but In case you don’t want to use any software, let’s move on to another way to do this.

Go to the Start menu and then type Regedit in the search box.

Open up Windows Registry Editor. We need to do a tweak inside the registry.


Navigate to Software.

Go to Microsoft.

Open Windows tab.

Once you get into Windows, Click on the CurrentVersion.

After you expand CurrentVersion, Search for Shell Extensions.

Once we find shell extensions, Right-click on Shell Extensions and hover your mouse cursor over the New key menu, and click on “Key” to create a new one.

Once you create a new key, Rename it with “Blocked”. Make sure b is capital.

After we’ve achieved this, we can move on to the next step.

Highlight the blocked key, Get the mouse cursor in the right-hand pane.

In the right-hand pane, Right-click and create a new string value and rename it with below-given code


OK! This was the last step. Close/restart the file explorer via Task Manager to make changes take effect.

We recommend a system restart.

The Windows 10 file explorer should come back after a restart.

How Do I Go Back To Default Windows 11 File Explorer?

It would be a simple case of reversal in which you could delete the key and it would go back to default.

Winaero Tweaker

Winaero Tweaker comes to rescue non-techie Windows 11 users. You can use this third-party software without making changes in the Registry Editor.

The good news is, Winearo Tweaker can be used free of cost to tweak the settings on any version of Windows 10 and Windows 11 as well.

Download Winaero Tweaker

Winaero Tweaker can be downloaded from here.

How To Install Winaero Tweaker On Windows 11?

If you don’t prefer to install third-party software, Winaero Tweaker can be used as a portable software without conventionally installing it.

After the download completes, launch the installer.

Click Yes to let account control run the installer.

Here you need to choose between Normal Mode and Portable Mode. I am going for Normal Mode.

After mode selection, Go next.

Here you need to Accept terms and conditions and click next for the next step.

You can choose another installation folder or partition (If Drive C is low on disk space) where to install Winaero Tweaker.

I recommend choosing “Use this for all users’ and start the installation by clicking the install button.

How To Use Winaero Tweaker To Bring Back The Old File Explorer In Windows 11?

After the installation completes, Launch Winaero Tweaker now.

You have to click I agree to agree again once more to the terms and conditions to unlock the actual program.

You will find plenty of other tweak options. But you need to look for the Windows 11 section Where Enable Ribbon option is provided.

Highlight the enable ribbon option and put the tick to Enable The Ribbon UI In File Explorer.

After you Enable The Ribbon UI in file explorer, Click the restart explorer for changes to take effect.

Launch the file explorer. The Windows 10 style file explorer should come back.

Is There Any Downside Of Enabling The Ribbon UI?

If you are a frequent user of the Share tab then There is a downside to enabling this Winaero Tweaker feature. Unfortunately, the Share tab will not work.

How To Go Back To Default Windows 11 File Explorer?

You can disable The Ribbon UI just by literally putting the tick out of Enable The Ribbon UI In the File Explorer box.

To save the settings, Restart explorer and it will go back to the native file explorer style of Windows 11.

Your Turn

This is how you can bring back the old-style file explorer from Windows 10 to Windows 11 using a simple program or a registry tweak.

You are more than welcome to share another application to do this. You can use the comment section. I will update this article and add your suggested software.

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