3 Ways To Open Command Prompt Windows 11/10/8/7 With Administrator Privileges Like A Boss

I’m writing this tutorial at the request of my colleague who is my best friend.

This quick yet comprehensive and useful tutorial will teach you the 3 easiest ways to open up Windows command prompt.

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I will be sharing a way that will let you open up Windows command prompt with administrative privileges.

This quick how-to article is not a conventional tutorial for Windows 11 users, on How to get into Windows command prompt? I have also tried to cover previous Windows 7 users migrated to Windows 10 who are badly accustomed to How things work in Windows 7?

Everything is on the table, so let’s get started.

You can open up Windows Command Prompt several ways, but I’ll share 3 ways to access the Windows Command Prompt quickly and enable administrative privileges.

Open Command Prompt From Start Menu On Windows 11/10/8/7

To begin with, I would like to suggest opening CMD from the start menu.

The very first way is, opening the command prompt from the Windows start menu.

Simply go to the start menu and simply type in CMD to search.

This search will return results with the command prompt, the first option.

You will find Run as an administrator option to open the command prompt with administrative privileges.

Also, you can pin the Windows command prompt to the Start menu and Windows taskbar for later use.

Bonus Tip! You can open up the command prompt as administrator by right click.

Use Run Command Box To Launch CMD On Windows 11/10/8/7

The run command box is another swift way to open up the command prompt.

To launch the Run command box, Press R and Windows keys at the same time.

Type in CMD in the search bar.

Press Enter. This will open up the Windows command prompt.

Access Command Prompt From The Right-Click Start Menu On Windows 11/10/8/7

The next best way to open CMD is by opening the command prompt from the right-click Start menu.

YES! you are right, there is no command prompt option. It is Windows Powershell.

Don’t worry, It’s quite easy to replace Windows PowerShell with the Windows command prompt. You can place a Windows command prompt shortcut.

Let me show you, instead of the Windows Powershell which is not used by most of Windows users, how can you have it be selectable right in the Start menu?

Open Control panel.

Go into the Taskbar and navigate.

Okay! Once Taskbar and navigation is opened, Turn off replace the command prompt with Windows PowerShell in the menu.

When You right-click on the start button or press Windows key X, You will find an option name command prompt(Admin)

Congratulations! You now have the command prompt as well as the command prompt administrator’s ability to open the command prompt right from the start menu.

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Your Turn

If you want to again place Powershell here, Go to Taskbar and navigation menu and turn that back on.

If you still could not understand any point, then I invite you to use the comment section to ask for any help or questions.

One of my team members will reply to you with a possible solution to your problem.

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