How To Use Lime Player On Amazon FireStick/Tablet Devices To Watch MKV & Video Formats?

This tutorial will assist you How to install and use Lime Player on Amazon FireStick and Tablet devices?

It would not be wrong to say that Android TV boxes and Amazon Firestick have replaced conventional cable networks and TV channels.

A well-set-up TV box with good internet connectivity is no doubt a treasure trove of entertainment.

The usefulness of a TV box is not limited to entertainment, This tech gadget can also be beneficial for educational purposes.

Well! There can be a long discussion on the benefits of TV boxes and disadvantages as well. As this article is not about it.

In this tutorial, I am going to show How you can install and use Lime Player on Amazon Firesticks and Amazon Tablet devices?

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Is Lime Player Available On Amazon App Store?

You must be thinking.

It is quite easy to download and install Android apps and games through the Amazon App Store, so what is the point of this guide?

Amazon uses a customized or modified version of Android, which is called Fire OS, for Amazon Firestick and Tablet devices.

Similar to Google Play Store and Apple App Store, Amazon has its own app store.

Lime Player is not available on Amazon App Store and that is the problem and I will fix your problem.

Why Lime Player?

Lime Player is hugely popular among entertainment seekers. This media player for Android works like a charm for Showbox, Cinema HD, and other movies and live TV apps.

In fact, Lime Player is a basic requirement.

It would not be wrong to say that movies and live TV apps don’t work at all If you don’t install Lime Player.

There are plenty of audio and video file formats that the native Android media player does not support.

Almost all types of video and audio files can be played by Lime Player. It is capable of playing videos in SD, HD, 4K, and other resolutions.

How Do I Use Lime Player On Amazon FireStick TV?

There are two ways I can suggest you. The first one is for those Who are good at following instructions knowing How these things work.

Amazon Fire OS supports Google Play Store as well. You can install Google Play Store on your FireStick TV and Amazon Tablet devices.

Installing Google Play Store takes a while and is a bit complicated.

You may watch tutorials on YouTube on How to install Google Play Store on a FireStick TV and Amazon Tablet device?

The second option is a quick and easy solution. Even a non-techie Tablet device and FireStick TV user can install Lime Player by following the second solution.

Download the APK file of Lime Player and install this feature-rich media player on your Amazon Fire OS-powered device.

What Do You Require To Install Lime Player On Amazon FireStick/Tablet Device?

You need the APK file of Lime Player and enable the Install Unknown Apps aka Apps From Unknown sources option.

To install APK files on FireStick, Installing the Downloader app is mandatory. This app has specifically been designed for Amazon FireStick.

To carry out the whole process easily, Add new batteries and make sure your remote control is working fine.

Install Downloader App

Go to the Amazon App Store and search for the Downloader app and then simply install it.

How To Enable Install Unknown Apps In Amazon FireStick TV And Tablet Devices?

After the Downloader app installation completes, Go to settings to enable the Install Unknown Apps option.

Push My Fire TV option.

Go to Developer Options.

Push Install Unknown Apps and click Turn On to enable this option to install apps and games via APK files.

How To Install Lime Player Via APK File On Amazon FireStick/Tablet Devices?

Launch Downloader app

On the left side, click on the Browser tab. You can search and download APK files from here.

Type Lime Player in the search box and click Submit to start the search.

You can download from any of the search results. I am going to open the first APK download website.

Be vigilant of advertisements and download the APK file of Lime Player.

Once the download completes, a message box will pop up asking to choose between Install, Delete, and Done options. Of course, You need to click the Install button for Lime Player installation on your FireStick.

Once again push the Install button.

Wait 30 seconds to 1 minute to let it complete the installation.

Congratulations! Lime Player has successfully been installed on your Amazon FireStick and It’s now ready to use.

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Your Turn

Hopefully, Amazon FireStick TV users have managed to install Lime Player by following this step-by-step guide.

If you run into any issues, Do not hesitate to contact me for any help.

I and one of Team New Top 10 members will try to help you as soon as possible.

You can use the comment section to contact me.

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