10 Top Best Offline Android Games 2022 To Play Without Data

It would not be wrong to say that Games are the best option to avoid boredom in free time at home.

By taking this into account, I have come up with a new list, In which, I will be sharing the best offline games.

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The best thing about my compiled list is, You don’t have to be connected to the internet all the time to play these games.

Yes! You heard it right, In today’s article, I will be talking about the 10 best offline games to play on Android-powered devices.

Before I begin sharing my favorite offline games, I humbly request you to share this list with others, If You find my compiled list useful, full of fun, and informative.

Okay! Let’s get started.

Green Glass

I would like to begin this list with Green Glass. Green Glass is a truly splendid fighting game with high graphics. In this fighting game, Graphics, You get to see, are magnificent

We can call it a Japanese game. Green Glass contains Japanese characters through which You will do sword fighting in an open-world environment.

You have to complete different challenging missions. In short, a story goes on as you complete the game.

If I talk about the game-play of Green Glass, This offline game is developed by NetEase Games. Developers of this game company are best known for designing marvelous games.

Similarly, They have maintained their worthy reputation in this game.

As I mentioned earlier, Green Glass is an open-world environment game. It has plenty of beautiful locations. You are given challenging missions to complete.

You kill off your enemies with sword fighting. Its sword fighter’s actions and moves are truly awesome.

Furthermore, You will enjoy horse riding. You will have to discover and unlock new interesting objects and proceed further by utilizing things around you.

Green Glass is a free Android game. It does not require internet connectivity. This is entirely an offline game.

Guys! I am quite sure You will soon become addicted to this game and will not leave it incomplete.

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Let’s move on to the second game.

Dark Sword Part 2

The game which features at number 2 position is Dark Sword Part 2. Yes! You got it right, Another action fighting game.

Before you play with a sword to eliminate your enemies, I would like to tell you that this game is, in fact, the sequel of a very popular game, Which is called Dark Sword.

As You might have played games like Shadow Fight 1, Shadow Fight 2, Shadow Fight 3, and similarly other such games.

The thing is, Though You get to see colorless game characters and objects in these types of games, But You are going to enjoy quite interesting fights with fantastic combat moves and intense fighting experience.

It would be no exaggeration to say that Dark Sword Part 2 is much better and full of excitement than other such types of games.

As well as this game has female characters in addition to male characters.

You will get a plethora of different weapons including swords and guns to fight with distinct types of creatures. You will have to create unique combos and moves. Unlocking powers is also including in your missions.

Dark Sword Part 2 is a free-to-play Android game. It can be played offline without internet connectivity. Like other games, the In-App purchase option is available as well.

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Butterflies Episode 1: Rudies

The third offline game in this list is called Butterflies Episode 1: Rudies. This offline game is best known for its adventurous gaming experience.

I assure you, Once you begin playing this adventure game You can not stop from playing Butterflies Episode 1: Rudies over and over again to complete levels and discover What’s next.

This game is as full of fun as Its name suggests. You are going to become addicted to this offline game very soon.

Now let me tell you a bit about its characters and storyline. You will be playing with cool characters in this offline game for the Android operating system. Same like other games, You will have to unlock additional game characters.

You need to complete game levels full of challenges. You must be thinking. What do I have to do in this game in fact?
So game lovers, What do you do is, In the provided environment, area, or location, You just have to do skating and avoid hurdles and other things. And the most important thing to take care of is balancing and maintaining speed.

As you manage to complete levels As skating speed increases automatically and What you need to do here is, Balance yourself to survive. To know the rest of the things, I would suggest playing this game.

Well! This offline game is not a free game. This is a paid game for Android users. But believe me, It worth the money.

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Trick Art Dungeon

If you love to play puzzles, adventure, and fighting games then You’ve landed at the right spot. The fourth offline game on this list is Trick Art Dungeon.

This game is a combination of puzzles, adventure, and fight. The storyline of Trick Art Dungeon is quite interesting. You will not feel bored while playing this offline game.

This awesome game is based on the exploration of a kid who is in search of his missing parents.

The environment in this game is just amazing. This offline game features 2D animated graphics. You have much to do in the Trick Art Dungeon.

Your mission in this game is solving puzzles from locations around you by utilizing provided objects. You will have to discover new things

In addition to solving puzzles, Occasionally, You will need to fight to kill off enemies.

So Guys! You proceed by solving puzzles, fighting, and other fun things and complete its levels. In short, Overall this game is a pure fun game. You would love it.

Yes! This game does not require internet connectivity. You can play it without an internet connection. Trick Art Dungeon is a free Android game, But the In-app option is also available.

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Human Fall Flat

The next game, I’ve put on the list at the number 5 spot is called Human Fall Flat, Which is another puzzle game. Yes! This is an offline game for Android-powered devices.

It would not be wrong to say that This game is a bit of a funny Android game. Human Fall Flat is a very popular Android game among game aficionados.

In this, another, addictive game, Your mission is solving puzzles. You walk and discover new locations and bases and solve puzzles by using surrounding things. Once you manage to solve the puzzle, The next will be unlocked.

The graphics and locations are amazing. Controllers are not as easy as You normally find in other games. Moving the main character and other things is a little more difficult than normal. You might need some time to master its controllers

Overall You are going to find it a very interesting and fun game. Okay Now, let me tell you a bit about technical things. Human Fall Flat is an offline game That can be played without internet connectivity.

Human Fall Flat is not a free game. You have to pay some bucks to install and play this Android game.

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Grimvalor is a fantastic offline game for Android-powered devices. This is an action game.

Although This is an offline game, believe me, Its graphics, action, story, its fighting, villains, opponent locations I have spoken up too much, everything is just amazing in this game.

On top of that, The story, Which is narrated in the background in the game, makes Grimvalor more interesting and attractive. Grimvalor’s story gives you the feel of watching a horror and action movie.

Grimvalor is an award-winning game. This game has managed to win plenty of awards. This is an editor’s choice game.

Your mission in the game is to go along with the story and complete the levels or missions. In all this journey, You are going to experience a lot of action and adventure. You have to solve complicated puzzles, fight with opponents.

Grimvalor is an offline and free Android game. As well as the in-app purchase option is also at your disposal to buy premium game weapons, clothes, and other objects. Install it and If you like it, Play and complete all given missions.

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DEAD RAIN 2: Tree Virus

Guys! The game I’ve put at number 7 position in this list of best offline games is called DEAD RAIN 2: Tree Virus. This offline game is best known for its distinctive gaming experience.

This action game is specifically for those gamers, Who love to play games containing Zombies.

DEAD RAIN 2: Tree Virus is one of the sequels of DEAD RAIN, Which is a quite popular game series among the gamers community. In Dead Rain 2, You’re going to enjoy an adventure full of fun and action.

In short, The storyline is based on survival, We can call it a survival game, Where a tree grows in the body of the main character of this offline game. Where you have to get rid of zombies to survive.

As you go on further, The locations will be changed and You have to face challenges and combat enemies with guns, Which are actually Zombies.

This 2D action also features complicated puzzles. You will have to solve the puzzle to complete the stages. You can use a plethora of skills, combos, and upgrade things in order to overcome upcoming challenges.

It can be played without the internet. DEAD RAIN 2: Tree Virus is a totally free game for the users of Android-powered phones and Tablet devices. In-app purchase option is at your disposal as well If You like to buy additional things.

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No Guns

The next game, I am going to share, is another bit difficult to play Android game. But believe me, This difficulty makes this game amazing and addictive.

The name of the 8th game is No Guns. This is an offline and free game for Android users.

No Guns is an action and a bit funny game. While playing this game, You’re going to feel like you’re watching a cartoon series. It features a cartoonish type of graphic animations.

The thing is, In this game, the scenario is entirely different than conventional action games. What makes it hard to kill off your enemies is that instead of using guns, swords, and other types of weapons, You only can use a hand grenade to get rid of your opponents.

As You might have an idea, Throwing a hand grenade in the right spot is not that easy. You need plenty of time to master How to use it in an effective way?

It often happens, You are stuck in a situation that you throw a bomb and hurt or kill yourself. One of the main advantages is that you can fly to escape from such a situation.

No Guns is designed to be played offline. It can be downloaded and installed free of cost. This simple yet full of fun action game comes with no in-app purchase option.

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NyxQuest: Kindred Spirits

If you love to play ancient games then The second last game of this list of best offline games is for you. The second last game is NyxQuest: Kindred Spirits.

This game is based on ancient times. This amazing game will take you to ancient Greek. You have been taken to the world, Where gods and goddesses were worshiped.

This game features beautiful locations and amazing graphics. The main character of NyxQuest: Kindred Spirits is a female. As well as The game will remind you of Tomb Raider.

Your mission is, Fly across the ruins of ancient Greece and help her to search for her dear friend named Icarus. Plenty of obstacles are put in your way in the game. You will have to solve complicated puzzles, search/collect hidden objects and other challenges.

The powers of Zeus and the Gods from Olympus are at your disposal. But keep in mind, You need to use provided powers wisely, She could complete this epic adventure.

NyxQuest: Kindred Spirits can be downloaded and installed free of cost and It can be played without internet connectivity. An in-app purchase option is also available.

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Unknown Fate

This list would be considered incomplete If I did not add a first-person game. Yes! The last offline game on the list is a first-person puzzle adventure with a mysterious story. This game contains surrealistic visual artworks.

Let me tell you about the overview, Which is quite interesting, of this awesome game. The overall look of Unknown Fate is a bit scary.

The main character wakes up and finds himself all alone in a world that is entirely unrecognized with no memories. Who are you and What were you in the past.

And He doesn’t know how he managed to reach this unknown world? The only option for him is, Go on to discover the truth.

You can just imagine How difficult this situation could be? All you need to do is survive. You will have to fight with aliens and other enemies. You are going to solve challenging puzzles and solve mysteries.

Unknown Fate can be downloaded and installed free of cost and It can be played without internet connectivity. If You want, an In-app purchase option is also available.

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Your Turn

So game lovers! That’s it for today. I will be back again with another list of awesome games If you like my today’s compiled list of 10 offline games.

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