5 Free Best Software To Add Subtitles To Videos For Windows 10/7/8, macOS, Linux

Doubtlessly subtitles increase the usefulness of a video. Subtitles can transform a local video into a worldwide video.

Do you find yourself low on budget to hire a professional editor?

Do you want to add subtitles to your videos on your own?

Are you looking for a software to create subtitle files for your videos?

If so, then this article is going to be very useful and informative to you. After a lot of research, I have managed to compile a list of the best, free-to-use open-source subtitle creators and subtitle editors for personal and commercial use.

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Subtitle editors, I am going to share, can be used on Microsoft Windows, Linux-based operating systems, and macOS.


YouTube has changed and improved a lot over the past 10 ten years. YouTube has made and making a lot of things easier for YouTube content creators.

Do you know? YouTube has a native video subtitle maker and subtitle editor that YouTube publishers can use free of cost.

In short, If you have a YouTube channel and want to add subtitles to videos, You do not need a third-party software for creating new subtitle files and editing video subtitle files.

After uploading a video to YouTube, click on subtitles from the left menu.

Afterward, You will be asked to choose a video for subtitle insertion.

Choose a text script file and give a few minutes to YouTube to sync and set timing.

And the best part is that the subtitle file can be downloaded.

You can use this YouTube feature for other videos by uploading videos to YouTube If there are no copyright issues in your videos.

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Jubler Subtitle Εditor

Jubler Subtitle Εditor is a lightweight yet very useful software to add subtitles to videos.

I found this subtitle editor quite user-friendly. Its user interface is straightforward. You don’t have to discover.

Jubler Subtitle Εditor lets you add and edit subtitles in the playing mode. It also comes packed with a built-in spell-checker.

In addition to the built-in spell checker, Jubler Subtitle Εditor features a built-in translation mode.

Jubler Subtitle Εditor supports all mainstream and famous video subtitle formats. This user-friendly video subtitle editor lets you change the color of the text of subtitles.

The Java Runtime Environment by Oracle installation is mandatory. As well as It requires you to install MPlayer to view subtitles

Microsoft Windows, Mac, and Linux operating systems are supported. It can be used free of cost with an open-source license.

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If you are not in the mode to spend hours to sync text subtitles with videos and want to get a software or free service to do so without hiring someone.

If so, then I have something very useful to share with you. Without having to spend a lot of precious time and effort, Use an online service which is called Veed.io.

All you have to do is create a free account on their website.

After Veed.io account creation, Upload your video to Veed.io.

After when the upload completes, You now need to upload a text copy of your script, or text used in the video.

Leave the rest of the job to Veed.io. It will automatically transcribe all of the audio of the uploaded video into text and correctly place it during the correct times of the video.

Veed.io offers three plans. Two plans are paid and one plan is free with a 10 minutes limit.

As well as You will have to bear a watermark on videos.

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Subtitle Edit

This list consists of another open-source piece of software for subtitle editing.

During my test, I found Subtitle Edit quite efficient to create, adjust, and synchronize.

Subtitle Edit is a Microsoft .NET Framework-based subtitle editor program. This free-to-use and lightweight application can also be used for translating subtitle lines.

This free subtitle editor can easily be used to re-adjust not synchronized subtitles.

In addition to editing video subtitles, New subtitles can be made from the spectrogram, waveform, and timeline.

Subtitle Edit supports more than 30 international languages and over 170 video subtitle formats.

Subtitle Edit is frequently or regularly updated. This freeware and open-source subtitle editor is designed for the users of Linux and Microsoft Windows.

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Aegisub was a lightweight and truly easy-to-use piece of software to edit and create subtitle files.

Why did I say Aegisub was? The thing is Aegisub has been discontinued. Developers behind Aegisub have abandoned and stopped updating.

Although the official website to download Aegisub is down, But It can still be downloaded from trusted download websites. It’s still very useful.

Aegisub was offered as an open-source program to style and edit video subtitles.

It supports subtitles synchronization with audio and real-time preview. This open-source program has styling subtitles and translation assistant tools.

During the test, The user interface of Aegisub seems a bit complicated to me. You need some time to master the user interface of Aegisub If you are a non-techie user.

It consists of audio waveform viewers to make things even easier. Automatic saving and backups is at your disposal as well.

Aegisub can be used on Microsoft Windows, Mac OS X, Linux, and FreeBSD powered devices.

Find more info here

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Your Turn

There is a massive list of subtitle creators available on the internet. Do share in the comment section, if you use or know about a worth using software to create subtitles for videos.

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