What Does Delivered Mean On Snapchat? Snapchat User Interface Explained

In this quick guide, I will walk you through what delivered means on Snapchat, when you send a message to somebody.

So as you can see at the very top, It has a little blue arrow and It says delivered just now.

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What Does It Mean After All?

Sometimes you can see a red arrow with delivered, sometimes it’s blue. But when I switch over to the Zippy article and I found that it’s a red arrow that says delivered.

Basically what it means is, If you go through and say received, or delivered that’s just different variations of the process of sending that person the message.

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What Does Sent Mean In Snapchat?

So the very first thing, It’ll say is sent and that means your message was sent to the Snapchat servers.

What Does Received Mean In Snapchat?

The next one will be received, which means the recipient, whoever you’re sending that message to, got that message.

What Does Deleivered Mean In Snapchat?

And then delivered is kind of the notification that sends it back to Snapchat servers and then back to your device.

That was definitely sent and delivered. It’s confirmed that it’s on that other person’s account or Snapchat profile from there. It will turn from delivered to red once that person has read that.

So it goes through that process sent, received, delivered and then once the person has read it, then it will switch from delivered to red.

What Are The Signs That Someone Has Blocked Me On Snapchat?

If it shows delivered but never goes to red, Potentially that person has blocked you, or they’re not looking at your messages, or anything.

So basically that means they haven’t looked at you and know that message that you’re sending.

So there’s nothing wrong with the Snapchat server sending it or anything. But at that point the person hasn’t read it, for whatever reason whether they’re just not on Snapchat, They’ve blocked you, or they just haven’t gotten around to it yet.

Closing Words

So that’s a breakdown of what the delivered, you know in the little red, or blue arrow means on Snapchat chat.

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