How Do I Fix Printer Printing Blank Pages Error On Windows 11?

If your printer is printing blank pages on a Windows 11 computer, We will be sharing an effective fix in this guide.

Enough intro, Let’s get started.

How Do I Fix Printer Printing Blank Pages on Windows 11 Error?

So what you have to do, you need to go to the Settings app. To open Settings, just press Windows and I key together.

and now what you have to do you have to click on Bluetooth and Devices.

And the left menu and the right side click on Printers and Scanners.

Now locate your printer and right click on it and now scroll down and find printer properties.

Click on printer properties.

Now click on the maintenance tab and then find the option which is something to do with unclogging the nozzles.

In our case it is deep cleaning. This option is given in the maintenance tab. The problem is different printers have different kinds of properties or the interface.

It is possible you may not find your this unclog option under the maintenance tab or you may not even find a maintenance tab in your printer properties.

In your case maybe you can click on print preferences there or click on services to find it or you can find it in the option named advance option.

You have to try, you have to keep clicking on every tab and find that option which says it unclogs nozzles. This option is for nozzle cleaning.

So when you have found that option click on it and you can choose the preferences black are all colors, or only colors.

Once you have chosen, just click on execute.

Now there is one more point also that We want to make is that it may happen if you run it once.

It may not get unclogged. The nozzles may not be cleaned. so you have to execute it 4 to 5 or even more than ten times to fully clear the unclogged nozzles.

Try to execute it multiple times, and after that your nozzles will be unclogged and then try to print a page and see if the problem is fixed.

Closing Words

Hopefully this quick How-To guide helps you fix this annoying error and you can now use your printer.

Do you share in the comment section, If you know about any other solution.

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