6 Free Must Have Software For Windows 11/10/8/7 Laptop And PC

In this list, I have tried to share 6 less known yet must-have programs for the users of Windows.

All added or suggested Windows programs are totally free for both personal and commercial use.

This list of the 6 best and must-have programs, for the users of Windows, consists of safe-to-use programs.

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1-VLC Media Player

Doubtlessly, VLC Media Player is a truly must-have software. This popular media player is one of those programs that are installed right after buying a new PC or clean Windows installation.

Entertainment is a must while doing work on your PC. Most Windows users don’t like to use Windows native media player to play audio and video files.

Even in Windows 10, Windows media player can not play MKV and other famous audio and video formats. This must-have media player supports nearly all video and audio codecs or formats.

Do you know? VLC Media Player is more than a conventional media player. It features a video converter, screen recorder, and many other useful features.

This is a free media player with an open-source license. VLC Media Player is available to use for the users of Microsoft Windows, macOS, Linux, and Android.

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I must say that If you work late at night then F.lux is one of the must-have programs for you and everyone who has to stare at a PC or laptop screen all night.

It’s a proven fact that the blue light coming out of a smartphone, PC monitor, or laptop screen suppresses melatonin which causes affecting the sleep cycle.

F.lux is a tiny software. It has the ability to automatically adjust the brightness and color of your laptop screen and computer monitor based on the time of the day and night.

You may disable F.lux while using Photoshop or doing any color-sensitive work.

F.lux is a freeware and cross-platform program. It supports Microsoft Windows, macOS, Linux, Android, and iOS.

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If you are a regular PC user and you have not used a data recovery software? That’s impossible.

Nowadays a good data recovery program is considered as important as having a robust security suite.

PhotoRec will help you to recover accidentally deleted data due to any reason. This open-source data recovery software can even recover lost or deleted data from corrupt USB flash drives, partitions, and hard drives.

The only downside is that It does not have a graphical user interface. PhotoRec comes packed with a command-line interface.

In simple words, This free data recovery software is not user-friendly.

It is no less than a paid data recovery software in any way.

PhotoRec offers more powerful file recovery features, You may expect in a premium or free data recovery utility.

In addition to the users of Microsoft Windows, PhotoRec can also be used on macOS, Linux, and other Linux-based operating systems.

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If having a good and powerful data recovery software is important then, believe me, the importance of having a data eraser or shredder goes double in today’s anti-privacy world.

Let’s suppose, your laptop gets stolen or you sell it without shredding your data via a data shredding software, anyone who gets his or her hands on your device can easily recover sensitive data by using a data recovery software you deleted.

Your data does not go away from your hard drive even if you have emptied the recycle bin.

Use Eraser software to delete or shred your sensitive data forever that no other data recovery software fails to retrieve.

Eraser software is a free data shredder software with an open-source license. This useful software is designed for the Windows operating system.

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Wizmouse scroll software will help you make mouse scrolling a more handy feature, especially if you do a kind of data entry work.

Let’s suppose, you are working with multiple windows, like simultaneously using Facebook and typing in Microsoft Word,

Now if you want a break from typing to scroll down on Facebook, you need to first click on the web browser window to be able to use the scroll bar on your mouse.

If you have Wizmouse installed, Without having to click, Simply hover the mouse cursor and start scrolling on non-active windows.

Windows 10 natively has this useful feature, But Windows 8.1, Windows 7, and other previous Windows versions lack scrolling on the non-active windows option.

Wizmouse seems like a tiny piece of software, but you will feel a huge difference in your focus and productivity.

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6-My Lockbox

This list will be considered incomplete If There is no mention of any software to protect your sensitive files and folders from prying eyes.

You will find My Lockbox super good at hiding and password-protecting your files and folders.

Like Windows native file and folder hide option, My Lockbox is not vulnerable at all.

You can set a password and password-protected data can not be accessed without entering the correct password.

As well as My Lockbox hides the content of password-protected or hidden folders from appearing in search.

Give My Lockbox a try. You will not even think about uninstalling it.

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Your Turn

I am quite positive this list of free and best Windows programs has been useful and informative to you.

Do use the comment section to let me know what is your favorite program in this list compiled by Zippy Back Flash Team.

Do not hesitate to share any other good and worth-adding programs you know about. I will keep on updating this list with your suggested ones and if I find a new worth sharing program.

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