3 Solutions To Fix Google Chrome Slow Download Speed

If you want to increase the download speed in Google Chrome, and if your copy of Google Chrome is running very slow, We are going to do some very easy steps on Google Chrome itself, and the performance, the speed, the downloading speed of the Google Chrome will be way better than earlier.

Let’s go ahead and get started.

Enable Parallel Downloading In Google Chrome

Launch your Google Chrome browser.

In the address bar, type chrome//flags and hit Enter.

Here in the search box, you need to type “Parallel Downloading”.

The moment you type parallel space download you will get “Enable parallel downloading to accelerate download speed. – Mac, Windows, Linux, ChromeOS, Android, Fuchsia, Lacros”

Please make sure it is enabled because enabling this Parallel Downloading will have more hops to download everything.

So whenever you will be downloading, It will be almost double the speed.

Once you are done, You can close this window.

Use Third-Party DNS Server Addresses

After this step, right-click on the Start Menu icon and launch the Run command box.

Here you type NCPA.CPL, once you have typed it, hit Enter.

Here if you’re using your Ethernet, in other words, the wired connection, you can select that or if you’re using your Wi-Fi you can select that as well. Since this device is using a Wi-Fi connection. We’ll just select Wi-Fi.

All you have to do is, right-click and go to properties.

Under internet protocol version 4, Go to properties and use the following DNS server addresses.

Type and under alternative DNS server, type

This will actually help you in response time. It will also lower the ping. Overall the browsing accessing speed will be also enhanced with this step.

Once this is done you can close this window and there is one more step that you need to follow.

Click on the search icon and type CMD.

Once it brings the command prompt, run CMD as administrator.

Click on Yes.

We need to type ipconfig /flushdns. As the name suggests, It’s going to flush the old DNSes.

Now hit Enter and it will say successfully flushed the DNS resolve cache.

Now you just need to restart the computer and then try to check the downloading speed now. A restart is a must and once you’re done then try to access your websites.

Remove Unwanted / Unnecessary Chrome Extensions

There is one more thing that you can do, Go to extensions and please make sure you do not have any unwanted unnecessary extensions. If you have it you can remove it and then see the performance.

Closing Words

Let us know the performance in your Google Chrome in the comment section. Your comments really motivate us to create more helpful guides.

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