How To Share Files Between Computers On The Same Network On Windows 8.1?

Today You are going to learn How you can create a shareable folder on Windows 8 / Windows 8.1 to share files and folders to other devices connected to the same router or Wi-Fi network.

What Is The Use Of A Shared Folder?

A shareable folder has plenty of advantages. Without having to use a USB flash drive, memory card, or any online storage service, You can send or share text documents, audio, video files, and other types of data with other Windows users.

Enough intro, Let me show you, How it’s done.

How To Make A Folder A Shared Folder To Be Accessed From Other PCs?

The first thing that You need to do is how we can enable folder sharing with other devices on the same network.

Go to the folder of your choice, You want to share. We need to make a few settings here.

Right-click on your desired folder and then click on properties.

After the property Windows opens up, You have to navigate to the Sharing tab.

In the sharing tab section, Click on the share option.

OK! You now have to type in Everyone to share this folder and click the Add button.

Now choose a sharing level you want to assign. You may choose between, Read, and Write/Read. The second option lets others delete, copy and edit folder content.

Click on the share option to save the settings. This folder can now be accessed from all devices that are connected to the same IP address.

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How To Know The IP Address Of Your Computer/Laptop/Tablet Device?

Now you need to find out What is the IP address?

Well! There are two ways to know the IP details.

How To Know The IP Address Via Network And Sharing Centre

To know the IP address of your system, Move your mouse cursor to the system tray and then right-click on Ethernet or the Wi-Fi connection.

Click to open up the Network And Sharing Centre option.

In the Network And Sharing Centre option section, Click to get into connection properties that you are connected to.

Open up details.

This section will show you all the IP address details and other required info, You need to connect the other devices to this particular Windows 8.1 device.

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How To Get IP Details Via Command Prompt (CMD)?

The command prompt can also be used to know the IP address of your computer/laptop/tablet device.

Go to the start menu and type in CMD.

Open up Command Prompt from the search results.

In CMD, type in the command “ipconfig” and hit enter.

This command will show you all the required details to establish a successful connection to access all the folders that You have allowed to share.

How To Access Shared Folders From Another PC?

Go to the start menu and type in Computer Management.

Open up Computer Management utility.

In the Computer Management utility, Expand the Shared Folders option and then left-click on Shares.

Here You can find all the folders that are shared from another computer/Tablet device/laptop.

If allowed, You can read, delete and edit files inside the shared folder, Otherwise, You can only open/see shared files.

How Do I Stop Folder Sharing?

Folder sharing from your end can be stopped anytime. To stop sharing, Right-click on the folder which is being shared and then click stop sharing.

Can I Put A Password On The Shared Folder?

Yes! You can set a password and the best part is that you can do so without having to use any third-party software.

How Do I Enable Or Disable Password Protection On A Shared Folder?

Let me show you How to enable or disable password protection.

Again open up Network And Sharing Centre utility.

When you get into the Network And Sharing Centre utility, On the left side, click on Change Advanced Sharing settings.

In the next step, you need to find an option named, All Networks.

Click the down arrow icon to expand the All Networks menu.

In this menu, You get to see an option named Password-Protected Sharing.

You may now turn on, or turn off Password-Protected Sharing. I want to turn it on.

Choose a password.

That’s all.

Your Turn

Are you still clueless? Ask me and my team in the comment section.

If I get a good response from all you guys or If you want, I will make a tutorial on How to access shared folders on macOS, Linux, iOS, and Android-powered devices.

Zippy Back Flash team hopes this quick tutorial for the users of Windows 8 and Windows 8.1 has been useful and informative to all of you guys.

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