How Do I Stop Microsoft Store From Automatically Updating Apps And Games?

Are you experiencing a clear difference in system and internet speed and performance after the clean install of Windows 11 and Windows 10?

If that is the case, then I am quite sure you will find this article informative and useful.

In addition to a plethora of other things, Microsoft Store auto-updates could be a reason to slow down your PC when you use a web browser, game, and do other things.

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How Does Microsoft Store Update Apps And Games?

Right after clean install Windows 10, Microsoft Store starts downloading and installing apps and games without informing you and consent.

Microsoft Store is configured by default to automatically update installed games and apps in the background.

It could be a single or multiple games or apps that Microsoft Store has been downloading quietly in the background.

And the worst thing is that Microsoft Store simultaneously downloads updates.

The good news is that you can have this turned off from Microsoft Store.

Disabling auto app and game updates saves you a lot of bandwidth in the background and You can avoid any performance-related issues when you’re browsing the internet or playing games and stuff like that

I am going to teach you how to disable auto-updates or set it to manually update when you have free time or when you want it to.

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How To Disable Automatic Updates For Windows 10 Store Apps?

Any version of Windows 10 has this option that lets you disable Microsoft Store auto-updates.

So first of all, You have to use the Microsoft Store app. To open up the Microsoft Store app, Go to the start menu and type in Microsoft Store.

Open up Microsoft Store app from search results.

Inside the Store app, You need to go up and click on the three dots and then go into settings to change update settings.

In the settings section, All you have to do is turn off the app updates option.

Disabling the update apps automatically option will not let Microsoft Store use all your bandwidth to update installed apps and games without your consent.

You can manually update installed apps and games. To update apps and games, Click on the Microsoft Store menu with the three dots icon and then click on the first option named downloads and updates.

The downloads and updates section will show you a list of all of the available updates for installed games and apps that we can get.

Unfortunately Here you are not allowed to update a single app or game. When you click on Get updates, Microsoft Store will start updating all installed games and apps at once.

But I would like to advise you to turn off Auto Updates Option.

By disabling Auto Updates, You will not get any sort of interference while playing your games, using a web browser, watching videos, and other things.

You can again turn on Auto Updates from settings If you are pleased with Microsoft Store Updates.

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Your Turn

I do hope you find this tutorial on How you can disable the Microsoft Windows Store apps from automatically updating in Windows 10? informative and useful.

Do you think I could not explain properly? Not a problem. I am and my team is still here to help you.

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