How Do I Change My Windows 7 Lock Screen Picture Without Any Third-Party Software?

This tutorial is only for the users of Windows 7. I’m going to show you how you can change the Windows 7 lock screen?

This method does not require any third-party software. I will be making changes in the Windows registry editor to change the lock screen in Windows 7.

Enough intro, let’s get started with requirements.

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What Do I Need to Change Windows 7 Lock Screen?

Well! You do not require many things for the whole process. All you need to have a wallpaper of your choice.

There is a very crucial point you need to take into account. The wallpaper should be less than 256KB.

The wallpaper will not work fine as Windows 7 lock screen, the wallpaper can be compressed if it’s greater than 256KB.

As well as the image format must be JPG, Otherwise, the wallpaper of your choice will not show up as a logon screen.

As I mentioned earlier, We will have to make a few changes in Registry Editor.

Changes In Registry Editor

To open up Windows Registry Editor, Press Windows, and R keys together to launch the Run command box.

In the Run command box, type in Regedit and press Enter. It will open up Windows Registry Editor.

Once you get into the Registry Editor, Click on HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE to expand it.

Open Software folder.

Search for Microsoft and click to expand it.

Find Windows and open it.

Go to CurrentVersion.

Click on Authentication to expand it.

Go to LogonUI

And now expand Background.

Under the Background section, there will be a key named OEMBackground. We have to modify it.

Double click on OEMBackground to open the modification menu.

Here you just need to change the value from 0 to 1 and click OK to save the settings.

The registry editor settings are done, Let’s move on to the final step.

Copy/Paste Wallpaper

After that what you need to do is, just go into Drive C or the partition where your copy of Windows 7 is installed.

Copy wallpaper of your choice. Make sure the image size is not more than 256KB with JPEG image format and HD, or higher resolution.

Go into Windows and then open up System32.

In System 32 folder, Find a folder named oobe. in the oobe folder, Just make a new folder that will name info.

Inside the info folder, Make a new folder and name it backgrounds.

In the backgrounds folder, You have to paste the wallpaper, you have just copied.

Now you have to rename the wallpaper. Name it to default without any spaces and the D of default must be capital.

Sign out or Restart your machine. You should see your wallpaper as a lock screen.

I know there are plenty of free programs available you can use to turn a wallpaper into a Windows 7 lock screen. I used to use Tuneup Utilities and Windows 7 Logon Background Changer in the old days.

Well! Tuneup Utilities is a paid software while Windows 7 Logon Background Changer can be used free of cost. If you find this method difficult to follow, You may use any of the available programs to change Windows 7 lock screen.

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Your Turn

I hope the Registry editor method to change Windows 7 lock screen has been useful and informative.

Changes to Windows Registry Editor are harmless. There is no risk involved. To be on the safe side, Backup the Windows registry. You can restore in case anything goes wrong.

You may ask for info or help, I and my team will try our best to help you.

Have you got any questions? The comment section is the best place to contact me.

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