4 Free Best Black And White Photo Editor For Windows PC 2022 (Free And Tested)

This article will end your search If you don’t want to use Adobe Photoshop or any other difficult-to-use software to convert a color photo to a black and white photo.

Google Play Store is filled with a massive list of fun and useful apps.

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Some apps can do that you can only do with paid programs on a Windows-powered PC.

A perfect example is Adobe Photoshop. Adobe Photoshop is best known as software to remove photo background, apply cool effects, and other things and Adobe Photoshop is a paid image manipulation software.

But on Android, you can do these things for free. There are plenty of background removers and other fun apps available on the Google Play Store.

Adobe Photoshop requires if not years, months of practice. But you will find Android apps truly user-friendly and easy to use.

I can share 4 fun apps with you If you are looking for an app to convert a color photo to a black and white photo on a device running Windows 11, Windows 8/8.1 and Windows 10.

Adobe Lightroom

Very few people know about Adobe Lightroom. This Adobe product is offered free of cost.

Adobe Lightroom is not as high-end and feature-rich image manipulation app as Adobe Photoshop is. But Adobe Lightroom is one of the best and easy to use apps to convert a color photo to black and white photo.

Its App can be installed from the Windows Store. Adobe Lightroom requires internet connectivity. Without the internet, Adobe Lightroom cannot be used.

As well as you will have to create a free Adobe account. You cannot use Lightroom without Adobe account creation.

Adobe Lightroom is only designed for the users of Microsoft Windows 11, Windows 10, Windows 8, and Windows 8.1. It cannot be used on Windows XP and Windows 7.

There are plenty of tutorials available on YouTube on How to use Adobe Lightroom to put a black and white effect on your photos?

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Canva Photo Editor

Canva Photo Editor is a well-known online image manipulation application software. Canva is quite famous among graphic designers, YouTubers for thumbnail creation, and others.

Canva Photo Editor can be used to design logos, presentations, posters, infographics, and other things free of cost.

Canva Photo Editor also lets you turn a color photo into a black and white photo. You don’t need to be an expert, You need 1 hour of practice to use Canva Photo Editor.

To use Canva Photo Editor as a color photo to black and white photo converter, You will have to create a free Canva account.

Canva Photo Editor can be used in any modern web browser of your choice. Canva Photo Editor supports nearly all web browsers.

In addition to the free version of Canva Photo Editor, People behind Canva Photo Editor also offer a premium version of Canva Photo Editor with a list of additional useful image manipulation features.

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Black and White Photo Editor Pro

Black and White Photo Editor Pro is another Windows 11 / Windows 10 app that you can use to turn photos into black and white photos.

Black and White Photo Editor Pro is available to use in free and paid versions.

Both the free and paid versions of Black and White Photo Editor Pro are not as feature-rich as Adobe Lightroom and Canva.

It can only convert photos to black and white photos. It is possible to put text, add texture and stickers. But it does not support effects, color correction, and other things.

The free version of Black and White Photo Editor Pro offers a limited number of textures, stickers, and other things. You have to buy the premium version of Black and White Photo Editor to unlock the full list of features.

Black and White Photo Editor Pro does not show any sort of advertisements. It can only be used in Microsoft Windows 8/8.1 and Windows 10.

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LunaPic is an online black and white conversion software. This is a web browser-based app and It can be used on all operating systems that have a modern web browser.

LunaPic is truly user-friendly. All you have to do is go to Ww12.LunaPic.Com/editor.

Upload a color photo you want to convert to a black and white photo.

After the upload is complete, you have two options, Either choose a predefined template or you can manually adjust the black and white effect.

As well as you can call it an Adobe Photoshop or Canva alternative. LunaPic offers a drawing tool, photo editing tool, cool photo effects, animation tool, and plenty of other useful tools that can be used free of cost.

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Your Turn

I and my research team are quite positive, you find this list of the 4 best and free black and white photo converter apps for Windows 10 useful and informative.

I urge you to share your favourite one or if you know about any other good PC app to convert a color photo to a black and white photo.

Do use the comment section to contact us and for your recommendations.

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