5 Best Microsoft Edge Extensions To Enhance Productivity And Stay Focused

I have compiled a list of the best useful extensions for Microsoft Edge Chromium.

This list of best Edge Chromium extensions consists of free and safe to use extensions. These extensions will enhance the performance of your copy of Microsoft Edge Chromium and help you to be more productive and stay focused.

Let’s get started.


Bookmarks manager is a quite useful feature in modern web browsers, especially for lazy internet users who don’t want to type in the URL of their favorite websites.

tabExtend is for you If you find the built-in bookmark manager boring and Microsoft Edge bookmark manager does not let you have more than 10 to 20 bookmarks at once.

Here comes tabExtend to help you organize open tabs way much better than native bookmark manager. Your custom node can be added as well.

You can divide bookmarks into different categories according to websites.

All in all, It becomes super handy while studying or researching a topic.

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You must have heard a picture is worth a thousand words. But this saying got changed. Today’s era is the era of video. Now the saying is, a video is worth a thousand words.

Screenity makes it possible to record and videos in your copy of Microsoft Edge Chromium.

Believe me, You are going to find Screenity, a magic wand.

If you are studying or working from home and often your colleagues or even friends need you to teach or help them how to do things on a computer?

Let’s suppose,

You have to remotely explain to someone at the office how to start a backup on the NAS from the web.

All you need to do is, Use Screenity to create a quick tutorial on how to do NAS back. You can use annotations to make it further easier to understand.

Screenity supports real-time webcam footage overlay over the video footage and cursor highlighter, annotations with arrows, and other useful things.

Screenity lets you record Edge browser and everything happening on your PC screen.

Screenity is a free-to-use extension with an open-source license. Screenity does not put any watermarks on videos.

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Link to Text Fragment

Link to Text Fragment is a truly useful extension for teachers, students, writers, researchers, content writers, and other folks.

Let me explain: How does Link to Text Fragment work?

Link to Text Fragment is offered by Google.

Without making someone read a whole lengthy article, This extension makes it possible for you to send only a specific paragraph you want someone to read.

You don’t need to make a text file of that paragraph and upload it to an online file-sharing website. All you need to do is highlight or select a paragraph instead of an entire article and right-click and then select copy link to selected text.

Link to Text Fragment extension will create a unique link. You can share the link to others via Whatsapp, Facebook Messenger, etc.

The link will open the article with the particular paragraph highlighted when they click on the shared link generated by Link to Text Fragment.

Link to Text Fragment deserves a try. You will love it.

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The next one is for regular users of Whatsapp desktop or web version.

WAToolkit is for you If you don’t want to be distracted and stay focused while working.

Instead of relying upon the Whatsapp desktop client or web version, Use WAToolkit.

Let me explain How WAToolkit works??

Install WAToolkit and log into Whatsapp web and close Whatsapp web and leave the rest of the job to WAToolkit.

Whenever you receive a Whatsapp message, WAToolkit will show an unread message counter.

You just need to hover over the WAToolkit icon and it shows you the text message quickly.

If you find this is not an important message, you can ignore it and You can give a few seconds or minutes to Whatsapp, If there is an important or urgent message to reply.

Give it a try, WAToolkit will definitely help you to be focused and productive.

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Now I am going to share a reading extension which is called Fready.

It would not be wrong to say that This article reader extension is better than Mercury Reader.

Similar to Mercury Reader and other famous reader extensions, Freddie can be used to clean up annoying and distracting advertisements from the entire web page, so that you can easily read the entire article.

It has an amazing feature. Fready shows a highlighter over the text which you need to follow to read the article.

After installing and using it, You will feel a huge difference in concentration. Give a try to Fready.

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Your Turn

Do share in the comment, what extensions you use in your daily routine in Microsoft Edge Chromium? or you know about any other good and useful Edge Chromium extensions.

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